Alexa’s New Look!

Check it out!!! on the eve of the release of the new Gen 2 Echo Show the Gen 1's have been updated.


(Photo: TLR Technology)

 “You heard me, YouTube is back”

  Check it out!!! On the eve of the release of the new Gen 2 Echo Show the Gen 1’s have been updated. The new look is less dated and less dreary. The pictures have more life and the clock font is smaller and nicer too. I’m really feeling the new weather icon, it reminds me of the weather widget on smartphones.

    Original Echo Show owners will remember having YouTube before it was ripped away by the Google and Amazon feud, well good news its baaaackk! You heard me, YouTube is back compliments of the web browser exactly like it is on all of the Fire TV devices. You can choose either the Silk or Firefox browser, login into your youtube account and you’re ready to go.


(Photo: TLR Technology)


     This I’m also very excited about. Just yesterday Google announced the Google Home Hub which has the great feature of pulling all of your smart home apps into one user interface. I immediately went to the Google store for the preorder. Guess what!


(Photo: TLR Technology)

     Amazon added easy access to your alarms routines, and added a little something extra called “Lights & More”. This took me by surprise and literally bought a smile to my face. Amazon you sneaky devil you, you delivered before Google… WOW!

     I guess I should expect these types of features from Amazon by now, especially with the foothold it has in the smart home/ assistant space. I will say however Amazon does nothing fast and I think this update should have 6 months ago, (SHRUG) Anyway it’s here now.

 Let’s Take A Closer Look



(Photo: TLR Technology)


 “Overall I like the new interface a lot, the home controls are a nice surprise although limited when compared to Google’s Home hub.”

     There you have it folks Lights &More,  Amazons version of Google’s Home Hub. This pulls almost all the apps that we use in our smart home and displays them in one place. The simple on/off interface is a lot simpler than Googles, which I don’t like. All of our smart lights are dimmable and the on and off really needs to include the dimming feature along with color control for light bulbs.

     It is also worth noting that our nest thermostat is missing from the controls. Its another ding for me as Nest is probably the most popular choice in smart thermostats. I’m almost positive this omission is because Google owns Nest. The Echo can completely control the nest thermostat by voice already so I’m not sure why the controls aren’t here, but they aren’t.

     Overall I like the new interface a lot, the home controls are a nice surprise although limited when compared to Google’s Home hub. The best part of all of this is Amazon with its vast resources could easily update the Echo Show again to resolve these issues and add features. My advice is while they could update it again they likely won’t for a while so don’t hold your breath.


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