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Our Favorite E-Reader Just Became A Lot Better

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(Photo: Amazon)

“Overall Amazon has taken the best-selling E-reader in the market and made it thinner, lighter, more capable and waterproof while keeping the cost the same.”

Our favorite E-reader just became a whole lot better. The Kindle Paperwhite has been hands down one of my favorite devices for a while. It has weeks of battery life with normal use, over a month if you use it every few days or so. The text is crisp, the backlight works great when there is less than optimal lighting. The Paperwhite has won its place in my tech backpack and I literally carry it with me every day. Now Amazon has made it even better, and the best part is the price stayed the same $129.

     What makes the new Paperwhite so much better… For starters, it’s now waterproof. Amazons top of the line Oasis E-reader was released over a year ago and was waterproof, however, it cost $249. That’s twice the price of the Paperwhite.  Now its possible to read at the beach, in the tub or when its wet out and not worry about destroying your reader. NICE!


(Photo: Amazon)

     Another of the new design feature is the display is flush with the front of the case. I suspect this has something to do with the design being waterproof. I not complaining though the new design looks slightly sleeker, another benefit is no more random stuff getting stuck between the screen and the case.

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(Photo: Amazon)

     The last stand out feature that existed on some of the very first kindles but went away (no clue why) audiobooks are back. Yep, Amazon has brought audiobook support back on the new Paperwhite. Again a feature previously only found on the premium $249 Kindle Oasis. Amazon has partnered with Audible to bring thousands of audiobooks to Paperwhite owners. You will need to pair your favorite Bluetooth headphones or speaker as the Paperwhite doesn’t have one built in. I’m actually glad Amazon chose the Bluetooth route as a speaker in a device this thin would likely sound terrible, have low volume, and use more battery. As a side note, Amazon did double the storage space to account for the larger audio files. You really shouldn’t have a problem with running out of storage with this device.

     Overall Amazon has taken the best-selling E-reader in the market and made it thinner, lighter, more capable and waterproof while keeping the cost the same. (#Winnning) If you’re in the market for an E-reader and can wait until November 7th do yourself a favor and get the new Paperwhite. The only thing I don’t like about the newest Kindle is that I don’t have one..lol

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